Top 10 Best Kenda Motorcycle Tires 2023 Review – Top Picks

Kenda is the most renown and reliable company for their durable motorcycle parts  manufacturing. This Kenda motorcycle tires review could be the most useful for you if you are a regular biker. Photo: David Luders

Best Choice

Kenda Kruz K673 Motorcycle Street Rear Tire - 170/80H-15

Good Choice

Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire - 170/80H-15

Don’t Miss

Kenda K329 Front/Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire - 3.5R10 51J

Also Consider

Kenda Big Block K784 Dual Sport Rear Tire (140/80-18)

Kenda Kruz K673 Motorcycle Street Rear Tire – 170/80H-15

Kenda Cruiser K671 Motorcycle Street Tire – 170/80H-15

Kenda K329 Front/Rear Motorcycle Bias Tire – 3.5R10 51J

Kenda Big Block K784 Dual Sport Rear Tire (140/80-18)

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A lot of people who choose motorcycles over other vehicles. There are several reasons for this, such as excitement, fun, or simply efficient transportation. However, the right tires are required for every use. For this we recommend reading the Kenda tires review.

When you can select the most suitable tires, then the ride will be much more comfortable and efficient. In turn, the most appropriate tires will provide a safer ride in wet conditions. That is why we have analyzed the top pick Kenda motorcycle tires.

Best Kenda Tires Review: Quick View

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Top 10 Best Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review 2023

Also, you can save a great deal of money by avoiding buying expensive and regular quality tires. You also don’t need to spend a lot of time researching the right tires for your motorcycle.

01. Kenda Kruz K673 New Tread Design Motorcycle Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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One of the first options that we can find today in the market is these tires. First of all it is a model specifically designed for speeds of up to 130 miles per hour. This is why it has an H rating. This design has also been approved by the DOT.

Excellent Results

You will notice that a new type of design has been selected on this tire. The casting design for this case provides a high load capacity. This in turn is combined with an optimized motorcycle handling. It is a 3 plus 2 design. You will notice much better handling from the first use.

Greater Versatility

Another positive point of this tire is that you will have a better grip on the ground in different climates. This means deeper and wider grooves in the tire design. In turn, the tread design is available for both the front and the rear.

So it won’t matter what the weather is like on any given day. You’ll get a comfortable ride from your bike.

Excellent Durability

Another aspect is the long life of this model. It is one of the most chosen by a large number of users. Therefore the rubber compound selected for the manufacture of this model gives it higher performance. In addition to this, you will get more stability in curves as well as straight lines.


  • Adaptable to all types of climate
  • Speed up to 130 miles per hour
  • Greater stability


  • Intermediate resistance level

02. Kenda Cruiser K671 Deep Offset Tread Sips Proved Motorcycle Street Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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As we continue to mention the high-efficiency options, this design is another one. In particular, it is another useful model for use up to 130 miles per hour. It also has an H rating and is DOT approved. Moreover, its particular design can be adapted to a large number of drivers. Therefore, this model can provide excellent performance.

Appropriate Hardness Level

On the one hand we can mention that the construction of this model has been designed for high performance. It can be adapted to different uses and functionalities. Besides, the side walls have a high level of rigidity. So both the driving and the overall performance are optimized suitably.

Excellent Functionality

Also included are sips of the tread. In this case, the deep tread shows excellent handling under different weather conditions. The wet weather and water can be dispersed through the grooves. Therefore this allows a much safer riding of your motorcycle despite the wet floor.

Extended Life

Another of the additional points of this model is excellent service life. A large contact patch is included. This provides superior traction compared to other models available. You will also get more mileage in use.

This way you will be saving some money as you can avoid buying new tires earlier than expected.


  • High quality of materials
  • Up to 130 miles per hour
  • Excellent water dispersion


  • Intermediate trimming

03. Kenda K657 Stiff Sidewall Provides Better Performance Street Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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Like the two previous models, you can reach a speed of 130 miles per hour with these tires. The design and the level of durability, in this case, can be adapted to medium or even heavy use. Together with this, the performance is not lost at any time. In turn you will have DOT approval for these units as well.

Superior Quality

When we compare this model with other brands we can notice the superior quality. A six-layer tube housing design is included. Therefore, this allows for greater responsiveness while riding your motorcycle. Along with this you will notice that the ride can be optimized no matter what the weather conditions. 

Intelligent Design

Without a doubt another of the most positive points of these units is the design. You will notice that the grooves in this tire provide several benefits. One of them is the correct dispersion of water in the soil or rainwater.

So this will prevent you from losing control in the most intense weather conditions. Also, the tread provides a design that is also useful on dry days.

Proper Tread Life

A common feature of Kenda tires is their lifespan. So here too, an excellent life span is provided so that you avoid spending extra money. This is why the sidewall of this tire is rigid. So you will get driving performance. This is also a tire that will not disappoint you during use.


  • The appropriate design for water
  • 6-ply tire
  • Optimized performance and handling


  • Intermediate functionality 

04. Kenda K760 Tall Aggressive Knobs Designed Motorcycle Street Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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As we continue to mention high-intensity tires, the Trackmaster II model is another. In fact, to this day it continues to be one of the most recognized by a large number of users. So, for high performance in intense use, the design of these tires is the right one.

High-performance Driving

By using these tires, you will be able to ride your motorcycle on different paths and roads. In fact, on dirt roads you will get excellent performance. That is why this is one of the most versatile models of these times. Specifically this type of tire is designed to optimize the stability of handling on uneven roads.

High-value Design

On the one hand, you will notice that knobs designed for aggressive and intense use are included. In turn you will have a DOT approval on this unit. Along with that, the design of these tires is intended to be used 90% on dirt roads. Additionally, only 10% of these tires are recommended for use on paved roads.

The tread is also made of high-quality materials. This is why the service life is prolonged without diminishing the efficiency of the handling’.

An Excellent Choice

You should purchase this model if you want to travel on dirt and uneven roads. You will be able to advance by decreasing the difficulty of the obstacles. On the other hand the load capacity is 68M, as well as the total diameter, which is 26.20 inches.

Eventually, the maximum load is 694 pounds. So this is a solid and effective tire.


  • Extended service life
  • High durability
  • Special for dirt roads


  • Not very useful on paved roads 

05. Kenda K329 Front/Rear Performance Style Tread Pattern Motorcycle Bias Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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One of the most important characteristics of a tire is confidence in use. That is why this model can satisfy a large number of users. On the one hand, the design that has been included in this tire is appropriate for different climatic conditions.

At the same time, the passing of time will not deteriorate the efficiency obtained when driving.

Best Quality of Materials

As with the other models, Kenda provides a high-quality tire. You will be able to have a long life from these tires. In turn, it is possible to obtain a drive with an excellent level of stability. You can use these tires for both the front and the rear. So you will be getting the same performance from both tires of your bike.

Ride Safely At All Times

The design pattern of these tires provides an excellent level. Besides, you can drive without worrying about whether the road is wet or dry. Even if it’s raining, the grooves in this tire prevent the bike from skidding in the water. So you can get a more efficient ride.

Proper Cost-Benefit Ratio

On the one hand, we can mention that you will be getting tires with an excellent life span. At the same time, the specific design of this model provides an excellent balance between performance and stability. So, if you have the right budget, you will get a safe and reliable drive.


  • Adequate traction in humid climates
  • Excellent level of stability
  • High-quality manufacturing


  • Expensive option 

06. Kenda K270 Perfect Replacement for OEM Dual Sport Tires

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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Getting an ideal replacement for your current tires is possible. If you have OEM-style dual-sport tires, then these tires will give you greater functionality with every use. Also, the right cost-benefit ratio will prevent you from buying other brands that are available in the market today.

Excellent Quality on Every Trip

On the one hand, you will notice that a DOT approval is also included in this model. On the other hand the recommended use for this type of tires is 40% for uneven and dirty roads. Besides, you can use 60% of these tires for roads and paved streets. So one tire design gives you two different uses.

High-value Tires

On the one hand, these tube-type tires provide the expected results from the first use. Also, the casings are rated for 40. On the other hand, to increase the level of resistance these units have six layers in their manufacture. So this durability can be adapted to the difficult conditions of the different roads you want to travel to.

Riding Your Motorcycle Optimizes

You will be able to obtain an extended life span due to the manufacture of these tires. Of course, this includes use on both roads and uneven surfaces. Besides the pattern in the design can be adapted to the medium, light, or heavy use. So it is possible to achieve excellent balance and stability, especially on light and sportbikes.


  • Multipurpose tires
  • Manufacture with 6 layers
  • Excellent service life


  • Recommended only for sportbikes 

07. Kenda K413 Race Inspired Tread Pattern Motorcycle Bias Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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Just as there are different types of motorcycles, there are also several types of tires. For racing bikes or high-speed bikes, these tires could be the right ones. The pattern in the design is inspired by the tires used by racing bikes. So it is the most recommended option if you have high power bikes.

High Performance

For the specific design of these tires, high performance has been considered. So you should only buy this model if you have a large engine motorcycle. The wide design of this tire provides a better grip when riding. At the same time, balance, and stability when riding is optimized.

High Durability Option

You should bear in mind that the more powerful the bike, the more wear and tear on each part. Of course this includes the tires as well. That is why we have listed this model that offers excellent durability in every use.

Its 4-layer tread pattern provides a better grip, even on rainy days. This way you will be getting much more reliable use.

Extended Life

An additional aspect of these units is their lifespan. The cost-benefit ratio is one of the most balanced concerning other models available today. Therefore you will have an extended service life no matter if your target is intensive use.


  • The wide design and better grip
  • High-performance option
  • Good use in water


  • Recommended for some types of motorcycles 

08. Kenda Big Block K784 Calling all Adventurers Dual Sport Rear Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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In case you need to find the best performance and adaptability, then this model is the most suitable. If you have the right budget, these tires can adapt to a large number of roads and difficulties. Also, it is one of the most chosen by a large number of users these days.

High-level Option

By purchasing this tire, you will be getting the highest level of performance and functionality. The high level of durability is combined with the bearing design. In this way the Big Block tires can adapt to the most intense uses and motorcycles. Besides, the high-quality materials of these tires ensure long service life.

Intelligent Design

Intelligent and adaptable design has been considered for the manufacture of these tires. You will be able to use these tires, both on dirt roads and highways or streets. Also, the climatic conditions will not affect your driving. The design of the grooves allows the water to slide efficiently.

Optimized Tubeless Operation

On the one hand, a high level of puncture resistance is included. On the other hand, it is a tubeless tire and therefore offers superior performance. You will be able to drive on different terrains safely and reliably. So even though this is an expensive tire, it could be the ultimate tire for your bike.


  • Stable and balanced operation
  • Adaptable to different paths
  • High level of resistance


  • Expensive option 

09. Kenda Trakmaster K760 Tall Aggressive Knobs Designed Rear Motorcycle Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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When it comes to sports bikes, the classic options are sometimes the best. Specifically this rear tire provides efficient use for sportbikes. The design included in this unit can be adapted to different irregular roads or dirt tracks. So you can get a medium or intense use thanks to these tires.

High-value Tire

On the other hand, we can mention that DOT approval is also included here. In fact like a previous model this tire can provide two different uses. Which means 90% use on dirt roads. Of course this also includes different roads and uneven surfaces.

Also, it is only recommended to use 10% of this tire on roads and streets.

Superior Quality and Efficiency

By comparing this tire with other models available today, you will get more efficiency in riding your motorcycle. The composite materials used in this unit provide a long life. This way you will avoid replacing these tires earlier than expected. On the other hand you will count on a light or intense, but above all safe, handling.

Adaptable to Different Weather Conditions

Whether the terrain is wet or dry, these tires can be adapted. The pattern design of these tires allows safe driving in the presence of water. This way, wet or damp terrain will not result in an unsafe and unstable ride.


  • Ideal for sportbikes
  • Adaptable to wet terrain
  • High-quality tires


  • Ineffective on paved roads 

10. Kenda K772 Classic Carlsbad Pattern Parker Radial Tire

Kenda Motorcycle Tires Review

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Last but not least, the design of these tires will allow them to be adapted to a large number of dirt roads and sportbikes. In turn, obstacles encountered on uneven surfaces can be effectively overcome. It is another of the most popular tires for hard to ride surfaces.

Extreme Level of Durability

One of the positive aspects of these tires is the level of durability of the rubber compound. This design provides lower wear compared to other models available today. Besides, the ride you get is more balanced and stable at all times. So you’ll get excellent performance if you have the budget for it.

Adaptable to Different Terrains

On the one hand we can mention that it is a tire that provides an excellent level of adaptability. Therefore, you will be able to use these tires for uneven surfaces and difficult dirt roads. In the same way, you could also use these tires for roads or streets. However, these latter uses are not the most recommended.

Extended Service Life

As with other options, this tire provides extended life. This will help you avoid disappointment during the prolonged use of these tires. At the same time you get high performance for desert and uneven terrain.


  • High level of durability
  • Excellent service life
  • Efficient operation on wet ground 


  • Only recommended for difficult terrain

Best Kenda Tires Reviews: All You Need To Know Before Buying

Before you consider acquiring any of the models we have listed you should analyze the key features. This Kenda tires review will help you avoid buying the wrong tires. Therefore not all of these tires will provide you with the same benefits and disadvantages.

That’s why we need to look at the durability level, the size, and the different styles of tires below.

Level of Resistance and Durability

In this case getting high durability and resistance tires can be a bit complex. At the same time it is one of the most important features. So the level of durability will determine for you how efficient the use is.

Usually, the use of tires is measured in the number of kilometers you can travel on them. So you should check how many miles you can get on each tire without losing driving efficiency.

On the one hand, the best options can provide around 20,000 miles. In case you want to acquire a tire with 20000 miles, then you will be getting a long life. Additionally, some tires can provide more or less than this amount.

However, the composition of the tire materials determines the degree of wear. So you should consider the options that provide less wear over time. For this reason, it is difficult to check this aspect before use. So if you want to get good results, you will have to use your new tires sometimes.

Perfect Dimensions

kenda motorcycle tire dimensions

This is an important aspect to consider, especially if you are a novice user. You will need to learn the terminology in conjunction with the specific numbers on each tire. In this way, you will get excellent performance from the tires you choose.

Tires With the First Numbers

In this case for cruise bikes this number indicates the combined lifetime for durability. It is the highest number for this type of bike. On the other hand this type of number refers to the width of the tire tread.

This number is in turn measured from the side of the tires. Moreover, this type of number is a set of three and will tell you the best use you can make of them.

 The Second Digit of the Number

Usually, two digits are included for this number as it relates to a percentage. This number is in turn used to describe the aspect ratio of each unit. That is, the aspect ratio when comparing height to width. So the higher the number, the bigger the tire.

The Letters of the Model

Usually the letters are two and in the middle of the numbers. Therefore this is used for the specific design and optimal speed when using these units. As far as speed is concerned, the letters Z and J are usually used. The letter R informs that it is a radial tire.

Last Numbers

The last few numbers refer to the size of the tire you will need to use a particular tire. So you can use this number to consider tire size. 

Radial and Diagonal Tires

One of the most confusing aspects for novice users is the difference between diagonal and radial tires. Simply put, this category relates to the specific construction of each tire.

That is why we will describe each of them below. In this way, you can buy the most suitable tire even if it is your first tire.

Diagonal Tires

In this case, the tires are fitted with steel belts that are used from one bead to the next. The procedure is carried out at an angle. This reduces the size of the sidewall. This way, tires with a higher level of rigidity can also be obtained.

Radial Tires

As with diagonal tires, these units have a steel belt. In this case this object goes directly from one account to the next. This results in more sidewall and less angle. So this can benefit and provide more grip on the sides.

Radial tires are generally used for the vast majority of motorcycles. Especially, this is because it offers lightweight and superior grip capacity.

On the other hand, diagonal tires are used to provide a higher level of response. Together with this, they offer the longest service life when traveling long distances. 

Final Words

To conclude we can mention that some of the models we have analyzed will provide you with the best performance. If you want to get the right tires, just read this Kenda motorcycle tires review.

With all this you will be able to save a certain amount of money by avoiding buying more expensive tires of dubious quality. Also, you will be able to use the tires chosen by the professionals.

Therefore, you will notice excellent functionality no matter what the weather conditions are. So this allows for safer and more reliable driving at all times. In short, you can find the ultimate tires.

Once you’ve got them, you’ll be able to optimize the ride on your bike from then on.

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